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You can think of it as the Air Force's worldwide Intranet. It is available to all users anytime and anywhere an Internet connection is available from .com or .mil connections with a CAC. The AF Portal allows you to quickly find authoritative, relevant data and information, applications and collaboration tools to help you do your job and live your life in the USAF.

Here is a sample of what you can do at the AF Portal: Eliminate numerous passwords. When an application uses reduced sign-on, it accepts the credentials you used to access the AF Portal. The Air Force's goal is for your AF Portal account to enable access to all of your applications.


Link to website
Does site have security? Yes
Link to request access
Is .mil address required? No
Commercial phone 334-416-5771 or 877-596-5771 (opt 7)
DSN phone 596-5771 (opt 7) [Country Code 312]
Site administered by
Administrative email
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