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The LCMI Portal provides a gateway to all LCMI applications and centralizes common features such as User Profile Customization.  Click the Getting Started button below for more information. To access an LCMI Application, first select an application .  Then double-click on the application icon to launch it.  If you need access to the application, double-clicking on the icon will allow you to request access. Provides access to Asset Enterprise Management Information Tool (AEMIT), Business Intelligence, Marine Corps Equipment Readiness Information Tool (MERIT), Secondary Reparable (SECREP) Total Allowance Recomputation Tool (START) and TLCM-OST is a Business Intelligence / Decision Support tool.


Link to website
Does site have security? Yes
Link to request access
Is .mil address required? No
Commercial phone 229-639-8700
DSN phone 567-8700
Site administered by LOGCOM C4
Administrative email [email protected]
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