Navy OneTouch Navy OneTouch Bookmark

Contains ERP Asset Visibility, Status and Technical information. Also contains data from WSS Asset Vis program, including IM Notes.

Navy Priority Material Office (PMO) Bookmark

Navy Priority Material Office (PMO) requisition tracking system used to expedite Issue Priority Group One (IPG-1) requisitions for Navy.

Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS) Bookmark

Navy Standard Integrated Personnel System (NSIPS)

Navy Technical Assistance for Repairables Processing (TARP) Bookmark

TARP is a NAVSUP Weapon Systems Support (WSS) (formerly NAVICP) program and is responsible for exercising general oversight of the Navy/s repairable assets.

Navy WSS Asset Visibility Navy WSS Asset Visibility Bookmark

NAVSUP Weapon System Support (NRP) AV System, includes inventory, technical, substitute and IM information.

Navy WSS Inventory at-Risk Stock Alert Tool (IRAS) Bookmark

The Inventory at-Risk Alert (IRAS) tool is an application for Planners that would highlight NIINs that, for a variety of reasons, needed attention.

NMCI Outlook Web Access NMCI Outlook Web Access Bookmark

NMCI Outlook Web Access

NRCD Naples NRCD Naples Bookmark

Navy Regional Contracting Detachment, Naples


NSDSA is the NAVSEA and SPAWAR activity responsible for the management of technical manuals and technical services.

NSSP Bookmark

NAVSUP WSS Supply Support Programs. Asset Visibility IM Toolkit Notes, SMARTS (SM&R), SHIPS/SUBS, CFATS, CLASS JandA and BOALog Maintenance, LMS21, PDCNLog, G02

OARS OARS Bookmark

NAVSEA OARS provides 3M/APL and demand information.

Organic Repair Module CAV-ORM Organic Repair Module CAV-ORM Bookmark

Organic Repair Module CAV-ORM is the joint Service solution for tracking repairables out for commercial repair.

Part Target Bookmark

FLIS Data from a commercial site


PDREP is designed to track quality and delivery performance on material/services procured by the Navy.

Pin Point Pin Point Bookmark

Pin Point provides users with technical and logistics information about Items of Supply. Contains information from more than 20 different databases.

Plant, Property and Equipment Management Support Plant, Property and Equipment Management Support Bookmark

Navy PP&E Management Support Team is the first point of contact for Navy sites needing help with DPAS.

PQDR PQDR Bookmark

PQDR Online form is used to submit a Navy Product Quality Deficiency Report

Relay Health Relay Health Bookmark

A secure portal for patients and healthcare teams to collaborate and share information