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  • Allows universal, permission-governed access via web browser and any www-connected computer
  • Eliminates multiple STAMIS; one system will be used by all, simplifying training and facilitating maintenance.
  • Removes man-machine chokepoints; saves logistics Soldiers’ time
  • Allows system/transaction problems to be identified and fixed in real-time
  • Provides unprecedented organizational asset visibility and status information – allows only one version of the logistics “truth”.
  • Provides real-time access to transaction status
  • Allows in-transit visibility of shipments
  • Works in near-real-time to improve visibility, shorten timeframes and eliminate uncertainty
  • Engages standard processes across logistics domain to facilitate initial and sustainment training
  • Enables unprecedented task organization capabilities that will benefit log planners and Commanders at all levels
  • Supports split-based operations
  • Fill rate analysis and interactive adjustment capability supports ARFORGEN

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