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LogTool recommends all Services take advantage of training provided by DLA. The best introduction to DLA programs are the DLA Customer Assistance Logistics classes and it's free if coordinated through your DLA Customer Service Rep. Watch the video below on their Customer Assistance Logistics classes (CALC) class.


If you have the time, I recommend the below class.

  • Seminar length: 2 days
  • Seminar number: MMSUP000005
  • Continuing Education Units: 1.6


This seminar provides participants with a broad overview of DLA logistics concepts and principles from the customer’s perspective. Participants gain a complete understanding of the logistical relationship between their agencies and DLA.

Participants receive an overview of the functions of DLA supply centers, DLA Distribution, and DLA Business Services. Participants will learn via hands-on access to logistics databases used to interface DLA activities with the Services, such as the following:

  • Logistics Portal (LOGPORT)
  • DAAS Inquiry (DAASINQ)
  • DLA Transaction Services
  • DLA Distribution
  • DLA Disposition Services
  • WebFLIS
  • Asset Visibility
  • Web Virtual Logistics Information Processing System (WebVLIPS)
  • Distribution Standard System (DSS) Materiel Release Order (MRO) Shipping Tracking System
  • DOD Electronic Mall (EMALL)*

A DLA customer service representative (CSR) may be available during the seminar to answer questions and discuss concerns unique to the sponsoring activity. See the course catalog by going to


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