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SMS is a web-based computer system that provides visibility of air, sea, and land transportation assets and provides aggregated reporting of cargo and passenger movements. SMS does this by collecting plane, ship, and truck movement data from other computer systems such as IGC, CAMPS, GDSS, JALIS, DTTS, and ANGMU.

SMS also provides requirement management and mission building services for the Air Force Reserve.

The USTRANSCOM TCJ8 Operational Cost Support (OCS) cell will provide validated transportation cost estimates for passengers and cargo. To submit a request for a validated transportation estimate, go to

Estimates provided by the OCS cell will include cargo accessorial charges, when available. A confirmation e-mail/phone call can be expected within 24 hours, during normal business operations. The cost estimate will be valid for 21 days and provide a comprehensive estimate for planning purposes only.


Link to website
Does site have security? Yes
Link to request access
Is .mil address required? No
Commercial phone 618-220-7965
DSN phone 770-7965 (Country Code 312)
Site administered by TRANSCOM
Administrative email [email protected]
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