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USTRANSCOM DTR Reference Codes

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DTR References

 Aerial Ports Code
 Air Commodity Code
 Air Dimension Code
 Air Load Planning Record Type Code
 Air Manifest Reference Code
 Air Special Handling Code
 Assessment Qualifier Code
 Bill of Lading Office Code
 Cargo Restraint Device Code
 Cargo Type Code
 Conex Container Type Pack Code
 Conex Container Type Pack Serial Number Range Code
 Consolidation Containerization Point Code
 Container Service Type Code
 Container Type Pack Code
 DOD Unique Commodity Classification Code
 Domestic Route Order Issuing Office Code
 Domestic Route Order Military Service Code
 Domestic Route Order Request Type Code
 Domestic Route Order Type Code
 Estimated Time Of Arrival Code
 Export Traffic Release Cancellation Code
 Export Traffic Release Delay Code
 Hazardous Basic Shipment Unit Special Waiver Type Name Code
 Helicopter Configuration Code
 Helicopter Type Code
 Hours Converted Code
 Household Goods Personal Property Type Code
 Mail Air Special Handling Code
 Non Conex Container Type Pack Code
 Non Conex Container Type Pack Load Code
 Palletized Transportation Unit Cargo Configuration Code
 Palletized Transportation Unit Module Type Code
 Palletized Transportation Unit Type Cargo Code
 Pay Grade Code
 Personal Property Lading Bill Direct Procurement First Position Code
 Personal Property Lading Bill Direct Procurement Second Position Code
 Personal Property Lading Bill Household Goods Inventory Descriptive Symbol Code
 Personal Property Lading Bill Household Goods Inventory Exception Sybmol Code
 Personal Property Lading Bill Household Goods Inventory Location Symbol Code
 Personal Property Lot Location Fire Risk Classification Code
 Personal Property Lot Location Inspection Rating Code
 Personal Property Shipment Unit Container Type Code
 Personal Property Shipment Unit TCMD Type Code
 Personal Property Shipment Unit TCN Type Code
 Personal Property Shipping Office Carrier Scope of Operating Authority Code
 Personally Owned Trailer Article Inventory Damage Location Code
 Privately Owned Vehicle Accessory Type Code
 Privately Owned Vehicle Interior Item Code
 Privately Owned Vehicle Interior Item Condition Code
 Record Type Code
 Route Instruction Note Code
 Seavan Ownership Code
 Shipment Type and Cause Code
 Space Required Request Travel Type Code
 Supply Shipment Unit Delivery Term Code
 Term of Carriage Code
 Transportation Equipment Type Code
 Transportation Method Code
 Transportation Mode Code
 Transportation Priority Code
 Transportation Unit Multiple Destination Code
 Travel Type Code
 Type Cargo Code
 Type Pack Code
 Type Pack Container Category Code
 Voyage Document Number Code
 Voyage Itinerary Point Self Sustainability Code
 Voyage Manifest Reference Code
 Water Commodity Category Name Code
 Water Commodity Code
 Water Port Code
 Water Port Major Geographic Region Code
 Water Special Handling Code
 Water Type Cargo Code

Non-DTR References

 Account Handling Codes
 Affiliation Certification Training Frequency Type Code
 Air Clearance ATCMD Error or Exception Reason Code
 Air Commodity Handling Code
 Air Personnel Manifest Detail Category Service Code
 Air Transport Segment Reservation Status Code
 Aircraft Type TWCF Code
 Automated Information System Code
 Controlled Inventory Item Code
 Country Department of Defense
 Country Department of Defense Association
 Document Identifier Code
 Document Identifier Second Position Code
 Document Identifier Third Position Code
 Export Traffic Release Request Service Code
 Freight Lading Bill Reason Code
 Freight Lading Bill Service Agency Code
 Individual Personnel Movement Request Special Category Code
 Intermodal Container Type Code
 Lading Bill Breakdown Structure Code
 Lading Bill Special Service Code
 Lading Bill Transportation Method Code
 Lading Bill Transportation Mode Code
 Lading Bill Weight Type Code
 Location Courier Service Station Code
 Measure Unit Applicable Distance Dimension Type Code
 Measure Unit Code
 Measure Unit Volume Qualifier Code
 Measure Unit Weight Code
 Motor Carrier Shipment Status Code
 Packaging Form Code
 Palletized Transportation Unit Module Type Code
 Pay Grade Rank Code
 Security Risk Category
 Request Ship Code File via Email
 Shipment Transportation Discrepancy Type Exception Code
 Shipment Unit Location Event Time Zone Code
 Shipment Unit Location Voyage Itinerary Point Adjustment Code
 Shipment Unit Rate Type Code
 Shipment Unit Special Handling Code
 Shipment Unit Status Appointment Reason Code
 Shipment Unit Transportation Priority Level Code
 Space Available Request Transportation Priority Code
 Space Required Request Transportation Priority Code
 Supply Condition Code
 Transportation Equipment Type Equipment Description Code
 Transportation Event Type Stop Reason Code
 Transportation Hold Code
 Transportation Priority Time Standard Pipeline Segment Code
 Transportation Service Provider Notice Type Code
 Travel Priority Association Code
 Type Pack ANSI ASC X12 Code
 Type Pack Container Category Type Code
 Uniformed Service Branch Classification Code
 Very Important Person Code
 Very Important Person Service Designation Code
 Vessel Status Code
 Vessel Status Term of Carriage Code
 Water Port Geolocation Code
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