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Registration is required before requesting a role for WebFLIS, Disposition Services, HMIRS and other programs. Make sure your EMAIL cert is used

Link to siteamps.dla.mil
Account requiredYes
[.mil] required for accessYes


What AMPS is... 
Account Management and Provisioning System (AMPS) can set up your access to computer application resources or provide information to a provisioner for manual setup. Access is based on the approval of your request for one or more application roles. Application users, both internal (civilians, military, and contractors) and external (vendors, public), can have AMPS accounts that enable them to submit requests for these roles. When a role is approved, the user has access to the application resource. 

What AMPS is NOT... 
AMPS is NOT a portal to any application. Having an account in AMPS enables you to request an application role, submit and track the request, and receive a notification when the request is granted. Access to any requested application is provided through the application itself or through the portal provided by the sponsoring organization.

Not an employee of DLA or DFAS? 
If you cannot authenticate your identity with a smart card, you can still obtain an AMPS account to request roles relevant to the business you want to conduct with either of these organizations. Click here to learn how to register for an account. 

  Having technical Issues? 

If you are experiencing consistent errors, we're here to help. Click on one of these help guides which offers some guidance on how to resolve or work around certain observed errors.

Troubleshooting Guide
Accessing AMPS
Requesting a role in AMPS
Registration for External Customers (Non-DLA/DFAS)

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