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DoD SAFE has replaced the site commonly referred to as AMRDEC SAFE


Link to sitesafe.apps.mil/
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Mission Statement:
SAFE is designed to provide an alternative way to send files other than email.

The Basics:
Q: What is SAFE?
The Safe Access File Exchange is an application for securely exchanging files. Since many organizations limit the size of attachments that can be sent via email, SAFE was created as an alternative file sharing method to email and FTP.

Q: Who can use SAFE?
Anyone can use SAFE to send files to someone with a .mil or .gov email address, however, only users with valid DoD Common Access Card (CAC) can send files to other addresses such as .com or.edu.

Q: What are the File Classification Requirements to send a file via SAFE?
All files transferred via SAFE must be for official US Government related business.
All files transferred via SAFE must be UNCLASSIFIED.

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