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DLA WEB Visual Logistics Information and Processing System. WEB VLIPS is a web based, access controlled query system that is useable from any Internet attached PC. It accesses the Logistics On-line Tracking System (LOTS), a DAASC relational database system, which portrays the life cycle of a logistics action.

Link to siteportal.daas.dla.mil/portal/warning.asp
Account requiredYes
Link to request accounthome.daas.dla.mil/daashome/webvlips.asp
[.mil] required for accessNo
Commercial phone number(614) 692-6672
DSN phone number850-6672
Site owner/administratorDLA Transaction Services
Site owner/admin email[email protected]

Web Visual Logistics Information Processing System (WEBVLIPS) is a web-based, access controlled query system that is usable from any Internet-attached PC. It accesses the Logistics Online Tracking System (LOTS), a DAAS relational database system, which portrays the life cycle of a logistics action. The WEBVLIPS customer can track requisitions from their release into the DoD pipeline until the materiel is posted to the accountable records at the destination activity. WEBVLIPS also has the capability to track reports of excess, and the movement of those excesses to the destination depot or disposal. WEBVLIPS integrates information on DoDAAD, MILRI, Source of Supply, DoD Project Code, Port Code, Transaction Status Code, Unit of Issue Code, Signal Code, Hold Code, Advice Code, Condition Code, and Mode Code, to assist the user in tracking a requisition or excess through its life cycle. Help is available to assist in understanding MILS data. Program management and subject matter experts worked and continue to work with customers to ensure their requirements are satisfied.


  • Provides a simple user interface, allowing the DAAS customer to track requisitions
  • Provides quick response time to subscriber inquiries
  • Query by: Document Number, Unit Activity, Project Code, TCN, or NSN
  • Run pre-stored reports based on a document number, address/unit id, & part number
  • User requested scans to perform studies of DOD-Wide usage
  • Query Life Cycle of specific transactions
  • Receive information about materiel management actions, such as requisitions, supply/shipment status, and customer confirmations
  • Ad Hoc Query Library tailored to customer needs
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