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i2 Log

Provides visibility of the data from the Army's Logistics Modernization Program (LMP) system. Information is grouped into standard reports by NIIN, AMC Analyst Code, weapon system code, and overall general global reports.

Link to sitei2log.apg.army.mil/
Account requiredYes
Link to request accountako.us.army.mil/suite/pages/reg/startRegistration.ext
[.mil] required for accessYes
Site owner/administratorUS Army CECOM
Site owner/admin email[email protected]

6/3/2020 After problems being reported, [email protected] provided the below... We have changed the link in LogTool.

1. The NEW URL for i2log is: https://i2log.apg.army.mil/

Please update your bookmarks.
The new URL and outage last week was the result of an urgent request from the NEC to keep the application on-line and compliant with policy.

While back on-line we are still troubleshooting a few matters.

2. Check your computers browser settings as you may be using a cached page.
IN MS-Internet Explorer

Click 'Tools' (between Favorites and Help)

Select 'Internet Options' (at the bottom)

Click the 'Settings' Button in the 'Browsing history' section

Check for newer versions of stored pages:
    SELECT: 'Every time I visit the webpage'

Click 'OK'

Click 'Apply'

Click 'OK'

Close IE

Re-start IE

Randy Burton
Supply Chain Management (SCM) Directorate Enterprise Systems & Support (ESS) Division Supply Chain Planning Branch [email protected]


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