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LogiQuest® Lite A Commercial Alternative to WebFLIS

LogiQuest® Lite A Commercial Alternative to WebFLIS

Link to sitewww.lqlite.com/
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LogiQuest Lite is a product of Terabase Corporation and is not affiliated with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). It provides essential information about supply items including the National Stock Number (NSN), the item name, manufacturers and suppliers including part numbers. The DLA moved WebFLIS to a secure site and requires user registration in the AMPS system, eliminating public web access to this important data. PUBLOG and FEDLOG are monthly downloadable DVD products produced by DLA Logistics Information Services (DLIS) available to the public and Department of Defense contractors respectively. LogiQuest Lite is a commercial product available via the internet using your favorite browser and does not require a subscription or installing any software on your computer, as other products do. LogiQuest Lite includes both a Basic and Advanced search interface to help meet the individual user's needs.

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