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Material Delay Working Group

Material Delay Working Group

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Material Delay Working Group Briefings from October 22-24, go to the bottom of this page to More Links and click on the directory. This will take you to the My NAVSUP web site where you will have to register to use. Once done, you can view or download the documents.

FRCSW RIIR Proposed Flow Chart – Router Improvement Investigation Request; draft process flow of RIIR from start to finish
COPA Overview Demo – Center of Parts Activity; Improved retail information system that integrates DLA/FRC/WSS data
CPS Overview – Consumption Pull System; adaptive procurement/stock system for qualifying NIINs
Fishbone Overview – Breakdown of Fishbone components and logic (as of Oct 19)
How to request an AMPs Role – Necessary for non-DLA personnel to access COPA
LogReassignment – Logistics Reassignment of NIINs between DLA/WSS
LSN to NS – Status (as of Oct 19) of LSN to NSN conversion initiative
MAO – Mission Aligned Organization; COMFRC/FRC realignment (plan/status as of Oct 19)
MinMaxMOU – Key takeaways/impacts of Min/Max MOU between COMFRC/WSS/DLA
MRO Logistics N41 Brief – Status/way forward for N41 position at FRCs
Post-Award Process – DLA process for addressing delinquent contracts
Supplier Ops Overview – DLA process for executing Purchase Requests
WO Supply Effectiveness – COMFRC project to develop informative performance metrics
RIIR Workflow – Router Improvement Investigation Request; roles/responsibilities of process personnel
RIIR Tracking and Accountability Process Presentation – Overview of methodology and proposed process

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