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Federal Logistics Information Services (FLIS) Data Electronic Reading Room

Link to sitewww.dla.mil/HQ/InformationOperations/LogisticsInformationServices/FOIAReading/
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*NEW* PUB LOG Digital download is now available 24/7 for free

Zipped Executable File Description
PUBLOG.zip (2 GB) PUB LOG full-service digital download, replacing PUB LOG DVD.  (Updated monthly)

NOTE: If you have been converted to PIV, please select your Authentication certificate when accessing WebFLIS. If you have not been converted, please continue to use your Signature (EMAIL) certificate. If you need assistance with your WebFLIS access, please contact the Enterprise Service Desk at 855-352-0001.

PUB LOG FLIS Search was decommissioned 1 Oct 2020 and replaced by PUB LOG. Please download the Enhanced PUB LOG Application for all public FLIS data needs.

  • All previous FOIA data is included within the product
  • Enhanced user search interface for all public customers
  • Robust batch search feature embedded in the product
  • Complete dataset updated 1st day of every month

Please review the PUB LOG download and installation instructions to learn more about accessing the PUB LOG application.

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