The Configuration Data Managers Database - Open Architecture tracks the status and maintenance of naval equipment and their related logistics items (drawings, manuals, etc.) on ships and naval activities around the world. The term "open architecture" is used to denote the fact that CDMD-OA is a client/server-based system, not dependent upon any vendor's proprietary hardware or software; data may flow to and from CDMD-OA provided that open protocols are used. The status of a given piece of equipment on a ship determines what and how many spare parts will be stored on that ship for it, making this tracking extremely important in terms of cost, shipboard space and weight, and the operational availability of the ship. CDMD-OA was designed specifically to aid the tracking of this configuration data by shore-based Configuration Data Managers (CDMs). The Naval Sea Systems Command (SEA 04TD) initiated the development of CDMD-OA to shorten the dataflow lag time between the ship, the CDM, and the Naval Inventory Control Point. As part of the client/server architecture of CDMD-OA, a single repository of all naval configuration and logistics data from around the world is available for querying. CDMD-OA incorporates the latest technological innovations to maintain data integrity and speed transmission of updates between the ships, NAVICP and the CDMs.

NOTE: You must have your PKI email certificate registered in order to log into the upgraded Citrix environment. If you do not have CDMD-OA options when accessing the Navy Enterprise Data Center (NEDC) Citrix site, follow the directions on page 8. The NEDC does not allow vendor issued certificates using External Certification Authority (ECA). Contractors who have ECA certificates will not be able to access the Citrix-based CDMD-OA application in the upgraded environment.  PKI email certificate registration is located at

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