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You must first register with AMPS.DLA.MIL and request a role for DLA Disposition Services.

DLA Disposition Services (old DRMS) disposes of excess property received from the military services. The inventory changes daily and includes thousands of items: from air conditioners to vehicles, clothing to computers, and much more. Property is first offered for reutilization within the Department of Defense (DoD), transfer to other federal agencies, or donation to state and local governments and other qualified organizations.

Want lists are created on RTD web after you conduct a property search. On your property search results page you will notice a window which titled 'Search Criteria'. At the bottom of that window you will see 'Want List - Schedule', click on the word 'schedule' (it is underlined) and select the format in which you would like to receive notification. Once you have created a want list you will also have a want list option in the blue column of your RTD web home page - click on 'Want List' and your active want lists will be visible.

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