Acquisition Community Connection DAU Acquisition Community Connection DAU Bookmark

DAU Continuous Learning Center is dedicated to the delivery of continuous learning opportunities supporting the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics.

Army GCSS Army GCSS Bookmark

Eliminates multiple STAMIS; one system will be used by all, simplifying training and facilitating maintenance.

Army Knowledge On-Line Portal (AKO) Army Knowledge On-Line Portal (AKO) Bookmark

Army Knowledge On-Line Portal (AKO)

Army Learning Army Learning Bookmark

U.S. Army Enterprise Lifelong Learning Center

Container Management Tools Container Management Tools Bookmark

Sample documents and instructions to assist unit personnel in establishing a Container Management Program; including Unit Container Control Officer (CCO) assignment, Army Container Asset Management System (ACAMS) access and instructions, and the Convention for Safe Container (CSC) course information to get certified as a container inspector.

DLA Customer Assistance Logistics Training DLA Customer Assistance Logistics Training Bookmark

The best introduction to DLA programs are the DLA Customer Assistance Logistics classes and it's free if coordinated through your DLA Customer Service Rep.


DLA Training web site for .mil restricted access. This address only works behind the DLA firewall.

DLIS DLIS Bookmark

DLIS provides quality logistics training, data and enterprise IT solutions for the Defense Department, other Federal agencies and international partners.

Movement, Transportation, and Distribution Movement, Transportation, and Distribution Bookmark

A simple PPT tool with enabled hyperlinks for process and procedures to submit movement, transportation, and distribution requests for Transportation Of Things (TOT) and Transportation Of People (TOP) within the Marine Corps and Joint Forces environment.

Training Center Petaluma Training Center Petaluma Bookmark

USCG Training Center (TRACEN) Petaluma

USCG SK School USCG SK School Bookmark

TRAINING THE WORLD'S FINEST LOGISTICS SPECIALISTS. "The Coast Guard doesn't sail, soar, or move cargo without Storekeepers!"

USMC Example Letters USMC Example Letters Bookmark

Example documents used within Marine Corps Supply Operations to assist the Supply Officer in navigating Command directed Property Investigations under Ground Supply Accountability Procedures.

USMC Sample Letters USMC Sample Letters Bookmark

Example documents used within Marine Corps Supply Operations to assist the Supply Officer in regulating Ground Supply Accountability Procedures.